Long-Term Follow Up Study of MDMA-Assisted Therapy for PTSD

Enrollment is continuing for our long-term follow up study for our MDMA-assisted therapy parent studies. The long-term follow up study is open to individuals who participated and received MDMA in at least one experimental session in one of the following MAPS-sponsored MDMA-assisted therapy studies: open-label lead-in Phase 2 trials (U.S. and Canada), our two Phase 3 trials, or our Phase 3 cross-over trial.

Participation in this study will help us better understand the long-term effects of our treatment protocols. The long-term follow up study visits will be done remotely if the participant received treatment at a study site within the United States. If a participant had previously declined to participate in this follow-up study, it is not too late to enroll. Volunteers who received treatment in one of the aforementioned studies and wish to participate in this follow-up can reach out to their study coordinator for more information. Volunteers will receive $250 for participating in this study.