Social Anxiety MDMA-Assisted Therapy Investigation (SAMATI) Opens Enrollment

On April 13, 2022, SAMATI began recruiting participants in Portland, Oregon. The exploratory study evaluates the safety and efficacy of MDMA-assisted therapy as a treatment for Social Anxiety Disorder (SAD) in adults. Jason Luoma, Ph.D., is the sponsor and lead investigator for the study. His social enterprise, the Portland Psychotherapy Clinic, Research and Training Center, is carrying out the study as an Investigator-Initiated Trial, with study drug provided by MAPS PBC and additional support from the Oregon Research Institute Center for Evaluation Services. Given SAD’s widespread impact as the fourth most common psychiatric disorder in the United States, the team is motivated to enroll 20 participants and begin investigating a treatment that is potentially more effective than those currently available. Volunteers will be pre-screened for eligibility utilizing an IRB-approved assessment. Those who preliminarily meet the inclusion criteria will be asked to sign an IRB-approved consent form and invited to the clinic to continue in-person screening. For more information, visit the recruitment page.