MDMA Therapy Training Program Update: April 2022

In April 2022, we launched our first 100-hour blended (online/in person) training program and hosted a week-long in-person training retreat in North Carolina (pictured above). We welcomed over 75 trainees from all over the U.S. and a few international locations including Canada and Brazil. The training retreat included learning seminars, case video presentations, ethics and safety education, practice scenarios, and guest speakers. A dozen new employees, including MAPS PBC’s new COO, Mike Mullette, participated in this training as part of a recent onboarding process. 

In March 2022, the MDMA Therapy Training Program team kicked off the training season with a practice workshop with Naropa University and a week-long virtual training in collaboration with the Center for Psychedelic Psychotherapy and Trauma Research at Mount Sinai and the James J. Peters Department of Veterans Affairs.

Here are a few reflections that our recent trainees have shared about their MDMA Therapy Training experiences:  

“Thank you for the opportunity to be part of this training. Gives me hope for the future of mental health care for the Veteran community. Thank you all for putting it together.”  

“Best training I’ve ever had, honestly. Including outside of the VA.” 

“Thank you, Annie and Michael, for weathering so many storms bringing this treatment to the world and for never losing sight of what’s important.” 

“I am grateful I was able to participate in this first in-person retreat after the pandemic and am looking forward to more. Despite my newness to MDMA, I would love to become more involved.” 

“The training staff was amazing. They were attentive, kind, generous, organized, knowledgeable, responsive, present, and caring. This says a lot about the organization, its leadership, the kind of people it attracts, and how much effort, thought, and care goes into this retreat.” 

Upcoming 2022 Trainings 

The 2022 training schedule has been posted on the training website, including options for a blended (online/in person) training format and an entirely virtual training format. 

Blended Format Cohorts: 

  • May 22-28, Colorado • Online Course starts in April 
  • June 12-19, New York • Online Course starts in May 
  • September 12-18, North Carolina • Online Course starts in August 
  • September 25-October 1, Colorado • Online Course starts in August 
  • October 9-14, New York • Online Course starts in September 

Virtual Cohort: 

  • Fall 2022 (October-January) 

Application Information 

Applications are now being accepted for the above training programs. Previously submitted applications will remain on file and will be reviewed for upcoming training opportunities. 

For eligible applicants interested in applying for a MAPS Health Equity Scholarship, please find more information and the link to the application on our scholarship webpage.