May 2022 Giving Report: Donors Give Over $675,000 to Psychedelic Research and Education

In May 2022, over 1,100 donors gave $675,834 in donations and pledges to MAPS. We are so grateful to these supporters who advance our shared vision of creating safe and legal opportunities for the beneficial uses of psychedelics.

Donors supported the following initiatives in May: research-related projects ($425,543); general support ($167,491); Health Equity ($50,000); harm reduction ($32,800).

We extend a special thank you to our community of 844 monthly donors who contributed a total of $26,913 in May. Your support is vital in making our programs sustainable.

We are honored to support a number of mission-aligned organizations by providing fiscal sponsorship so that contributions for their social benefit projects may be tax-deductible as allowed by law. An additional $206,964 was donated to organizations that we fiscally sponsor, including: ICEERS ($108,327); Brooklyn Psychedelic Society ($53,500); Ayahuasca Foundation ($32,700); Empyrean Temple ($11,880); Alma Institute ($261); People of Color Psychedelic Collective ($160); Psykia Institute ($100); MAPS Canada ($20); Bluelight ($16).


We recognize that, for many of our supporters, the inspiration to support psychedelic science and education is close to their hearts. We are grateful to honor these special connections. April honorees include:

Kelly Stevens (in memory)


We appreciate donations of any size and are particularly grateful to the following supporters for their generous contributions of $1,000 or more:


Chapel of Sacred Mirrors ($66,079)

Leland Price ($23,078)

Johannes Hatje ($20,332)

Chandan Lodha ($10,000)

AmazonSmile Foundation ($6,392)

Psilo ($2,648)

MUD\WTR ($2,000)

Anonymous ($1,100)

Ann and Celia McNair ($1,000) in memory of Kelly Stevens

Gregory Bennett ($1,000)

Jack Wolcowitz ($1,000)

Jiri Techet ($1,000)

Magic Inc ($1,000)

Metta Hemp Company ($1,000)

Tom Link and Kristi Kremers ($1,000)

Zach Clemens ($1,000)

MDMA-Assisted Group Therapy for PTSD in Veterans 

Steven and Alexandra Cohen Foundation ($424,000)

Health Equity

Rachel Ratliff ($50,000)

Harm Reduction

James Lamberg ($25,000)

Anonymous ($2,000)


Anonymous ($3,000)

Fiscal Sponsorships

Cody Swift and Miriam Volat, Riverstyx Foundation ($108,327) – ICEERS

Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps ($50,000) – Brooklyn Psychedelic Society

Grant Town ($32,650) – Ayahuasca Foundation

Tyler R. Holcomb ($10,000) – Empyrean Temple

D. Wayne Silby ($2,500) – Brooklyn Psychedelic Society

James Glasheen IIII ($1,500) – Empyrean Temple

Matthew Christman ($1,000) – Brooklyn Psychedelic Society

Psychedelic research is again being conducted under federal guidelines, but no significant funding for such studies is available from governments or major foundations.

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