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Why Fiscal Sponsorships at MAPS?

Elevate your project's potential by joining the MAPS Fiscal Sponsorship Program. With MAPS by your side, you gain access to our tax-deductible status and a thriving community dedicated to advancing the psychedelic field. Our program provides regranting financial support but also a platform for visibility, networking, and collaboration. By partnering with MAPS, you can focus on your project's core mission while benefiting from our extensive experience and credibility in the psychedelic ecosystem. Join us in shaping the future of psychedelic research, therapy, and advocacy while enjoying the support and guidance of a trusted ally. Together, we can make a meaningful impact.

Overview of Fiscal Sponsorship Program

Eligibility For Fiscal Sponsorship

  • Project must advance MAPS mission
  • 2 or more people on the project
  • Formed entity in good standing in state or country
  • Have access to a bank account in the formed entities name 

Charitable Actvities MAPS Sponsors

Scientific Research in the Public Benefit

  • The results of the research are made available to the public on a nondiscriminatory basis, or 
  • The research is directed toward benefiting the public. 
  • Scientific research carried on for the purpose of aiding in the scientific education of college or university students. 
  • Scientific research carried on for the purpose of obtaining scientific information, which is published in a treatise, thesis, trade publication, or in any other form that is available to the interested public. 
  • Projects will be limited to pure science, non-clinical work, social and/or observational research.

Community Outreach & Education

  • Free events to build community around interest in psychedelics 
  • Free media content to inform the public and/or build community around psychedelics
  • Free educational courses focusing on various topics regarding psychedelics
  • Free educational films on various topics regarding psychedelics 
  • Projects to provide free training, educational content, or other resources on overdose prevention, mutual aid for people who use drugs, crisis response and mitigation, and/or capacity building to implement harm reduction strategies.  

Promotion of Health for the Benefit of the Community

  • The entity is organized to treat patients suffering from a wide range of illnesses or those suffering from a particular condition, and
  • The class of people benefited is large enough to benefit the community

Project Exclusions

  • Proposed projects operated by individuals (as opposed to an entity operating in good standing
  • Proposed projects for any form of education or training with any direct cost to the potential student and/or trainee and not offered by an accredited university, college, or professional school or otherwise appropriately approved or accredited by the regulatory and/or oversight scheme of the relevant jurisdiction in which the education or training is to be put to use
  • Proposed projects involving drug, device, and/or biologic clinical research and development
  • Proposed projects that are revenue generated, with no proposed plan to reroute revenue to a charitable mission

Become Fiscally Sponsored at MAPS

  • Submit an application which includes a proposal about the project that is requesting fiscal sponsorship. The main points of the proposal includes a narrative report with an overview of the project, how the project advances the MAPS mission, the charitable activities the project will implement in relevance with a timeline. The proposal will also require a budget, which will include line items for the project.
  • The fiscal sponsorship officer will review your proposal at first and return with comments to update your proposal for committee review.
  • If the project proposal is sufficient, it will move forward to committee review, where they will review if the project is fit for MAPS Fiscal Sponsorship.
  • The project will either be sent for final review or asked to update the proposal for more information. Projects asked to update their proposal, will then move forward for final review. 
  • The project will be sent for final review, which will then be either approved or denied.
  • Projects that are approved will be sent an Fiscal Sponsorship agreement to be duly-signed by a MAPS representative and the project owner.
  • Once the Fiscal Sponsorship agreement is duly-signed, the project will receive an onboarding video, a link to set-up the project’s donation page and documentation to set-up a project account with MAPS to receive funds!

Project Timeline 2024

Schedule can change dependent on committee reviews capacity.

Ready to Apply?

If you believe your project aligns well with the MAP's fiscal sponsorship program, we invite you to apply using the link below.

Review the MAPS Fiscal Sponsorship Manual