MAPS Bulletin 2022: Vol 32, No. 1

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Cover: Rise Within by Trey Brasher

About the Cover Artist, Trey Brasher
Psychedelic Science
From the Desk of Rick Doblin, Ph.D.Rick Doblin, Ph.D.
MAPS Research and News
Cultivating Safety in Psychedelic Therapy
Making MDMA a Medicine (I) Scheduling Process for FDA Drug ApprovalsAllison Coker, Ph.D., and Jack Henningfield, Ph.D.
Making MDMA a Medicine (II) (Re)Scheduling for Schedule I SubstancesIsmail L. Ali, J.D., Leslie Booher, J.D., M.B.A., and Joy Sun Cooper
MDMA-Assisted Therapy as a Means to Treat Social Anxiety DisorderJason Luoma, Ph.D.
Expanding Academic Consciousness: More Universities Step into Psychedelic ResearchAli McGhee, Ph.D.
Mentorship: A Key Component of the Emerging Psychedelic Career FieldGina Giorgio
Psychedelics Teach OrdinarinessMary Cosimano, L.M.S.W.
Considering the Relationship between Abstinence and Harm Reduction: An Interview with Andrew Tatarsky, Ph.D.Chelsea Rose Pires, L.M.F.T.
The Need for Anti-Racist Training in Psychedelic TherapyDarron Smith, Ph.D.
Collective Liberation Depends on You: A Call to Decolonize Your LifeCharlotte James
Oneness, Liberation, and Revolutionary Revelations Observational Research on Ayahuasca Rituals of Israelis and PalestiniansLeor Roseman, Ph.D.
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