MAPS Bulletin 2022: Vol 32, No. 2

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Front Cover: Color Bird by Natasha Chomko
Back Cover: Dehydration by Natasha Chomko

About the Cover Artist, Natasha Chomko
Psychedelic Science
From the Desk of Rick Doblin, Ph.D.Rick Doblin, Ph.D.
MAPS Research: MDMA-Assisted Therapy for PTSD
MAPS’ Strategic Priorities for a Post- Prohibition Reality Kan Yan and Fede Menapace 
Dare We Do Better? Drug Education for the MAPS MovementShirelle Noble
MAPS Doubles Ethnoracial Diversity in Trials AgainMcKenna Leighton and Charlotte Harrison
Bringing Psychedelics Under Control: Legal Regulation as a Pathway to Safety and Wider AccessScott Bernstein
A Framework for Regulating the Promotion of Psychedelics in a Fully Legalized Context Dana Karout
Coordinated Federal and State Psychedelic Policy: So Outrageous it Just Might Work?Brett Waters
Oregon’s Journey: The Implementation of Ballot Measure 109, The Oregon Psilocybin Services ActAngie Allbee
Psilocybin Facilitator Training Programs in Oregon: An Inside Look at Oregon’s Burgeoning Psychedelic MarketplaceJon Dennis
Considering Complexities with Measure 109 ImplementationJonathan Perez-Reyzin and
Ismail Lourido Ali, J.D.
This Won’t Last Forever: Reframing Perspectives on Drug SellersMitchell Gomez
Legal Coca: Colombia’s Drug Policy InsurrectionDavid Restrepo
Indigenous Medicine Conservation: Foundational During the Psychedelic MovementMiriam Volat, M.S.
In Memoriam: Ann Shulgin, Forerunner of Today’s
Psychedelic Re-Emergence, Dies at 91
David Presti, Maria Mangini, and Bob Jesse
MAPS: Who We Are
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