From the MAPS Bulletin 2023: Vol 33, No. 2

Cover art by Alex Grey
Back Cover by Allyson Grey

About the Cover Artists Allyson Grey & Alex Grey
Wisdom from the Underground: An Excerpt from Swimming in the Sacred by Rachel Harris, Ph.D.
Rachel Harris
MAPS From the Past: The Losing War Against ‘Designer Drugs’MAPS Bulletin Team
Becoming More Than a DreamCharleen Justice, M.S.
Revolutionizing the Conversation:
The Impact of Millennials and Gen Z-ers on Psychedelic Media and Culture
Maria Holyanova and Whitney Wilhelmy
Breaking Stigmas: A Black Father’s Experience in the Psychedelic MovementKevin Cranford, Jr., M.S.
Psychedelics and Parenting:
Finding Connection in a Disconnected World
Rebecca Kronman, L.C.S.W, and Ashleigh Young, Psy.D
Psychedelics are Poised to Change How We Age and DieAbbie Rosner
Making the Invisible Visible: Intersecting Psychedelics, Intergenerational Trauma, and Critical ConsciousnessGrace Cepe
Psychedelic Parenthood: A New Ancestral Way of Raising a Family Jacqueline Alves Rodrigues, MA and Glauber Loures de Assis, Ph.D.

Chief Editor: Bia Labate, Ph.D.
Communications Director: Betty Aldworth
Managing Editors: Grace Cepe and Jenny Neal
Associate Editors: Zane Bader and Kevin Cranford
Designer: Katherine Kinsey