MAPS’ Research Agenda and Financial Requests

MAPS Bulletin Autumn 1990 Vol. 1, No. 3

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Several research projects are necessary to help make legal approval of human research with MDMA more likely. One project, the research methodology conference, will help prepare the way for human studies. The other three projects involve small primate studies at Johns Hopkins and will provide data required by the FDA prior to any approval of human psychotherapy research.

These research projects require $27,500. If everyone on the MAPS mailing list becomes a member, all can occur. This research can make a difference with FDA.

The Swiss methodology conference will gather together an international group of experts in psychedelic psychotherapy and research in order to discuss and design research protocols for human studies. In the process, the conference will facilitate international coordination of research.

Cost – $7,500

The no-effect level and recovery study will seek to answer two questions. After administration of multiple doses of 2.5 mg/kg, are the reduced serotonin levels found in only one brain region out of ten a statistical aberration or a valid finding? If the reductions are valid, will the the relatively minor neurotoxicity permit the brain to fully recover pre-treatment levels of serotonin, unlike major neurotoxicity which seems to permit only partial recovery?

Cost – $5,000

The growth of alternate neurotransmitter systems study will help to determine if other neurotransmitter systems expand to take the place left by reductions in the serotonin system. This finding, if borne out, will significantly change the picture of MDMA neurotoxicity.

Cost – $10,000

The elimination of neurotoxicity study will help determine if Prozac blocks the neurotoxicity of MDMA in primates in a manner similar to its effect in the rat. This study will take place only if field reports indicate that Prozac does not reduce the beneficial subjective effects of MDMA. If Prozac eliminates MDMA neurotoxicity in the primate as in the rot, the neurotoxicity risk, which has prevented human studies for the last five years, may be effectively finessed.

Cost – $5,000

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