New Cannabis Journal: Journal of the International Hemp Association

Summer 1994 Vol. 05, No. 1 Politics and Protocols: In Search of a Balance

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The International Hemp Association is a non-profit organization established in 1992 to promote the beneficial uses of hemp products worldwide. The IHA wants to encourage and facilitate the accumulation and exchange of information on Cannabis. In accordance with these goals, the IHA sponsors projects in several countries and publishes a Journal for its members. The IHA is supported by membership and by donations from foundations, corporations and individuals.

Although many IHA members may feel that in light of the great economic potential of Cannabis the current legal restrictions hampering Cannabis research and hemp cultivation should be reconsidered, the IHA does not endorse a political stance on Cannabis legalization, nor will it serve as a forum for the Cannabis legalization debate.

The IHA has three types of membership: Student (US $25/yr), Individual (US $50/yr) and Sustaining (US $100 or more/year). Please send International Postal Money Order or an American Express or Thomas Cook Money Order.

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1070 AA Amsterdam
The Netherlands
Tel/Fax: +31 20 6188758

Articles in the first issue include an interview with Dr. R. Mechoulam, a description of the IHA’s Cannabis seed preservation project in St. Petersburg, stories about the economics of hemp paper in several countries, medical marijuana, a study of the effect of marijuana on driving, and more. This premier issue is printed on hemp paper.