“Normal” Volunteers Needed for MDMA Research

Summer 1993 Vol. 04, No. 2 So Close Yet So Far

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No spinal taps but, sadly, no MDMA either. Subjects who volunteer for this study will be given preference to participate in subsequent studies in which MDMA may be administered.

Investigators at Harbor Hospital-UCLA Medical Center are interested in studying subjects with a history of past use of MDMA and/or marijuana for possible evidence of MDMA neurotoxicity. This study is a very important investigation of the possible risks of MDMA. Data from this study will provide important evidence to compare to data from studies also being undertaken at Harbor Hospital-UCLA Medical Center in which small amounts of MDMA will be given to six medical professionals.

This study is formally known as a challenge test. Subjects will be administered either the drug fenfluramine or placebo in a randomized double-blind procedure and their blood will be sampled for evidence of the functioning of their neuro-hormone system, principally serotonin. Psychiatric interviews will also be conducted.

The challenge test takes between four to six hours and requires that subjects have a small needle inserted into an arm vein for about 4 hours. Small amounts of blood will be drawn intermittently throughout the challenge test. Subjects will need to participate in two tests, separated by about two to four weeks. Subjects must abstain from all drug use during the interim period. Subjects may volunteer to participate on weekends or weekdays, whichever is more convenient.

Three groups of volunteers are required with each group to consist of 20-30 subjects.

Group 1 will be comprised of people who have used MDMA at least 3-4 times.
Group 2 will be comprised of people who have used marijuana, but not MDMA.
Group 3 will be comprised of people who have virtually no history of non-medical drug use other than alcohol or tobacco or caffeine. Note: This is a great opportunity for all the non-drug using readers of the MAPS newsletter to participate in MDMA research!

Anyone interested in possible participation in this research investigation of the long-term effects of MDMA should call Carla at (310) 222-1663.

Volunteering for this study is an excellent way to help MDMA research.