Summer 1993 Vol. 04, No. 2 So Close Yet So Far

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1 President’s Review – Summer 1993 Rick Doblin, Ph.D.
2 MAPS’ 1992-1993 Fiscal Report Rick Doblin, Ph.D.
4 Effects of Water Filtration on Marijuana Smoke Nicholas V. Cozzi
6 Marijuana Research Update: Summer 1993 Rick Doblin, Ph.D
7 MDMA and the Treatment of Pain and Distress in Terminal Cancer Patients: A Preliminary Research Report Margaret Nelson Cullen
9 “Normal” Volunteers Needed for MDMA Research  
9 Volunteers Needed for Study of Birth Trauma  
10 Psychedelic Research and the American Psychiatric Association (APA): A Panel Discussion at APA’s 1993 Annual Meeting Rick Strassman, M.D.
13 DMT Research: Latest Findings Rick Strassman
15 Interrupting Drug Dependency With Ibogaine: A Summary of Four Case Histories Bob Sisko
24 NIDA and Ibogaine Research Excerpts of Bob Sisko’s Remarks on May 12, 1993 to the 54th meeting of the National Advisory Council On Drug Abuse at the National Institutes of Health Bob Sisko
25 A Retrospective Study of Alterations in Consciousness During Shamanistic Journeying and MDMA Use Phil Mengel
27 A Multinational Interdisciplinary Biomedical Investigation of Hoasca, a Plant Hallucinogen Used in Brazil Dennis J. McKenna, Ph.D.
30 Tryptamines, Beta-carbolines, and You J.C. Callaway
34 Altered States: An Exhibition of Psychedelically Informed Fine Art  
38 Telluride Mushroom Festival: Hunting and Gathering with the Clan Art Goodtimes
40 Raves for Research or Psychedelic Researchers: The Next Generation Julie Holland, M.D.
43 Developments in Europe  
44 Update on the LSD Carrier Weight Issue Rick Doblin, Ph.D.
45 Wanted: Real-Life LSD Stories Ann Landers
46 E for Ecstasy,’ by Nicholas Saunders – Book Review Rick Doblin, Ph.D
47 The Great Entactogen – Empathogen Debate David Nichols, Richard Yensen, Ralph Metzner
50 Correspondence : Jill M.G. Chapleau-Canavan Jill M.G. Chapleau-Canavan
51 Correspondence: Letter From an Interested Party  
51 Correspondence: Humphrey Osmond Humphrey Osmond
52 The Summit Meeting Commemorating the 50th Anniversary of Albert Hofmann’s Discovery of LSD Rick Doblin, Ph.D
54 Transcript of Special Videotaped Message From Humphrey Osmond Humphrey Osmond
55 Transcript of the Special Videotaped Message From Ken Kesey and Ken Babbs Ken Kesey and Ken Babbs
55 Letter From Ram Dass Ram Dass
56 Transcript of Albert Hofmann’s Videotaped Message Albert Hofmann