‘E for Ecstasy,’ by Nicholas Saunders – Book Review

Summer 1993 Vol. 04, No. 2 So Close Yet So Far

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The most important new book on MDMA available today, simply outstanding! – Rick Doblin

Find out the facts about the dangers, myths and exotic uses of the drug MDMA (Ecstasy). Read how MDMA is used in rituals, for solving problems, improving relationships, facilitating meditation and even overcoming writer’s block. Learn about the latest therapeutic use in Switzerland and the techniques used by licensed psychotherapists.

What are the social consequences of half the young people in England taking Ecstasy at raves? Studies indicate that the drug experience can alter personality and may be having a profound effect on people’s values, and its use may have pacified a group of notorious football supporters. Personal accounts are included of people who believe the drug has altered the course of their lives, for better and for worse.

"The book is heavy with references (well over a hundred), plus a bibliography containing summaries of hundreds of scientific reports (written by Alexander Shulgin). Yet, for all that, it is easy reading with the academic papers pushed to the back of the book." – Human Potential

"An impartial, objective and unsensationalized examination of the "E" phenomenon which informs and advises anyone concerned with the substance." – 24-7

"Interesting new stuff…useful summary of available research on MDMA…Saunders should be congratulated." – The Face E for Ecstasy is a 320-page book costing $12.95 in bookshops or $16.00 postpaid from MAPS. The first 24 people ordering E for Ecstasy from MAPS will receive a copy autographed by the author. These copies have been donated to MAPS by the author to support MDMA research.

Distributed in the USA by Book People and Inland Books. For shop and library orders quote: ISBN 0 9501628 8 4.