What’s New in Psychedelics Encyclopedia, Edition 3

Summer 1992 Vol. 03, No. 3 Building on Common Ground

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Ronin Publications’ new version of Psychedelics Encyclopedia (in bookstores spring ’92, $24.95) contains all of the text and nearly all of the graphics of this book’s 420-page second edition. An additional hundred pages deal with developments in the psychedelic field over the last decade. There are 230 illustrations.

The compound given the full-dress treatment this time is MDMA ("Ecstasy"). As for each of the nine psychedelic dusters described in edition 2, I recount MDMA’s historic advance, its chemistry, physical effects, mental effects, and sources, forms and preparations. To illustrate my breakdown technique, the topics in the MDMA "mental effects" category are: predictability and reliability; power and subtlety; dosage considerations; general comments on psycho-therapeutic use; rape, childhood abuse and post-war stress syndrome; couples in therapy; depression, suidde, autism, etc; creativity; spiritual development; sensuality and sexuality; recreational use; and aftermath.

The editor this go-round is Dan Joy, who has largely spedalized in psychedelic journalism. In a lengthy introduction, Joy comments about ketamine and a host of recently synthesized molecules that we will, no doubt, be hearing more about. He also offers thumbnail sketches of a dozen outstanding members in the current scene in both seasoned and newcomers.

This update includes obituaries for some of the (mostly) "great white shamans" who have died since the second edition went to press (1983). This is a reminder of how lucky some of us feel to have been alive while such giants of consciousness change have walked this.