Summer 1992 Vol. 03, No. 3 Building on Common Ground

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1 Building on Common Ground Rick Doblin, Ph.D.
2 The Historic FDA and NIDA Meetings on Hallucinogens Rick Doblin, Ph.D.
7 The International Transpersonal Association Conference Kylea Taylor
8 Psychedelic Spring in Prague Rick Doblin, Ph.D.
13 Psychedelic Research in Switzerland Samuel Widmer, M.D.
14 Two Russians View the US Igor Kungurtsev, M.D.
16 Psychedelics Encyclopedia Peter Stafford
17 Ibogaine Research Bob Sisko
19 Ayahuasca Research Proposal Dennis J. McKenna, Ph.D.
21 MAPS financial Statement  
24 SF Examiner Article Sarah Pekkanen


“I believe that if people would learn to use LSD’s vision-inducing capabilities more wisely, Under suitable conditions, in medical practice and in conjunction with meditation, then in the future this problem child could become a wonder child.”

– Dr. Albert Hofmann, Discoverer of LSD