MIT Technology Review: Psychedelics Are Having a Moment and Women Could Be the Ones to Benefit

Summary: MIT Technology Review highlights the potential benefits of psychedelic-assisted therapies for treating various illnesses, specifically exploring a MAPS-sponsored open-label, multi-site Phase 2 study of MDMA-assisted therapy for anorexia nervosa and binge-eating disorder.⁠ ⁠ “Psychedelics are having a moment. After decades of prohibition and vilification, they are increasingly being employed as therapeutics. Drugs like ketamine, MDMA, and psilocybin mushrooms are being studied in clinical trials to treat depression, substance abuse, and a range of other maladies. And as these long-taboo drugs stage a comeback in the scientific community, it’s possible they could be especially promising for women,” writes Taylor Majewski of MIT Technology Review.⁠

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