Prophets Sacred Pilgrimage of Healing and Renewal

Prophets Sacred Pilgrimage of Healing and Renewal
May 17-27, 2004
We Walk The Path Of Beauty
The Great American Southwest

SPIRIT JOINS US for a pilgrimage of a lifetime to some of the most beautiful and sacred places on Earth and meetings with authentic Navajo and Hopi medicine people and guides!. Full information

Canyon de Chelly

Guided by Maria, a Quero Apache, and Peter Weiss, expert travel guide and art and cultural historian, along with Robin and Cody Johnson of the Prophets Conferences, the Prophets Pilgrimage into the mysterious sacred places of the magnificent American Southwest is a quest for the renewal of self and planet. From the grandeur of these ancient places of power and from the ceremonies, the stories and teachings of these ancient people, the pilgrims will gain wholeness and a broader awakening to the wonder of life. May is the most beautiful time to explore this area as the wildflowers are in bloom, the air is fresh and stimulating, and it is before the summer rains and the tourists.

Maria calls Spirit to join this Mystic’s Journey and tells of the unfolding of this spiritual pilgrimage through the beauty and wonder of the land of her family.

Dagote shi gotah diyi. She ukehe nohwiza’ye bike’e pilch ensella.

Welcome my family of spirit. I am grateful that we follow the Ancestor’s tracks joined together as one.

Today we set intent for the power of Creation to join us in this Mystic’s Journey. You have responded to a call from Eternity to search out earth tradition and connection. The mysticism of the Quero Apache snake clan is not academe. It is practical magic… a shifting perspective into planetary alignment. In short, your desire for connection, for healing, for depth – your craving to get beyond the changing phenomena and future shift and the universal family into a deeper reality is what you have responded to. This pilgrimage is relevant; it is the air we breathe.

Spirit joins us. All Our Relations are with us, we connect, we interact – All Our Relations are known. Gently the whisper has been heard, and I am honored to guide you on this path.

As we begin our journey – an energetic initiation – we will connect with Animal Spirit Guides and divide into working clans in the Making of Relations rituals. In our clan interactions we find wisdom and learn the etiquette and structure of traditional relationships. We implement a foundation of respect and discovery.

For help in the Deishehi Diyi – Birthing Energy – ritual we will partner in “couples.” When we call on energetic shift and it comes to us, our emotional bodies will transmute. To lighten, that is the purpose of our journey – lightening. To shake loose densities, as we journey and become lighter, we become the shining rainbow light of prophecy. As the light shines out of us, others will be touched by it. The joy of evolution descends upon us.

Our hearts fill with joy as we Bike’e diyi – Stalk Power – meeting the Gatekeepers of Time: Bear, Puma, and Snake. We respond to the three questions of initiation, then seek our power tokens of confirmation… affirmations of connection.

We will build Tutuskya – the great Medicine Wheel of Life – and walk the energetic labyrinth of Turtle Island. Connecting to the landscape of our experience we step into our own inner truth. We combine energy with sacred purpose, and our actions align with our intent… we walk the Path of Beauty.

Gotah binah shi naiiees. In the land of my family we “come out.” A walk of balanced polarities reenacts the sacred migrations of ancient legend. An edifice of connection to the Changing Mother earth brings various forms of life and love into our consciousness as expressed experience. We are opened to things we previously believed impossible. With respect to manifesting the intangible, we see a deeply unconscious state of coming forth to the surface of our knowing.

In Chaghashe Naakai – Children Returning Home – we celebrate our combined journey… the truth of re-turning to remembrance. We affirm connection and life.

During O’izeege – Fire Ceremony – final transition stokes the flame of passion and creativity. In a moment we are freed of karmic past.

Near the Doorway of the Snake, finally empowered in the truth of our essence, we shall send forth our combined powers to the Four Directions during the Chajala Naaisha – Healing Complete – touching our family, our towns, our country, our world… the universal heart with unconditional love.

Coming to the end of our journey godiyih yalti – Sacred Talk – will reveal that the process we have engaged has been subtle, and personal. We have seen through the deceptions we had fallen prey to. Together we created opportunities to make a deeper look at our life philosophies and become more connected to Spirit… this has been a journey of awakening.

Hozhoni naslee, beauty is everywhere.

author/quero apache

PS, some things that you might want to consider bringing for our rituals: drums, rattles, pad and pen, corn meal or tobacco. Let us travel with power and ease, let us travel well.

The granddaughter of Ten Bears, the eminent Quero Apache Holy Man, Maria is also the descendent of Nochaydelklinne, Apache Dreamer and Prophet who, over a century ago, brought forth visions of the current changing times of evolution. Maria is a storyteller, healer and ceremonialist of the Quero Apache Tlish Diyan tradition. With a degree in the field of Applied Ecopsychology, she has received awards and merits for her work over the last twenty years.

There is still space available on the Magical Bus for this very special spiritual pilgrimage through the sacred sites and lands of the Great American Southwest. We invite you to join us. Full information is at We are also being allowed to visit and pray at the Hopi Prophecy Rock that tells the story of our future world lines.