Altered States and the Spiritual Awakening

Altered States and the Spiritual Awakening
May 14-16, 2004
San Francisco, CA

Altered States and Spiritual Awakening aims to create a uniquely interactive meeting of the minds. We are gathering together pioneers in the field of consciousness – luminaries who have shown how to deepen the completeness of the human spirit and connections between souls – and encouraging them to share their discoveries with those who wish to learn.

One of the primary goals of this conference is to bring together experts in multiple forms of altered states. We seek to cover three main spheres of knowledge: transpersonal and para-psychology, entheogens, and consciousness exploration through external (technological) means. While all of the fields share certain commonalties, they all provide distinct insights into how we can enrich the human psyche and deepen understanding of our existence.

The time is ripe to have a meeting like the one we’re organizing. Many youth today are actively searching to fill gaps of meaning and connection in their lives. All too often, young people turn to the underground culture’s mind-altering substances to quickly numb themselves and deaden the sensations of spiritual longing. The value of spiritual awakening via altered states that was discovered by older generations has faded out of view. This conference is an attempt to bridge the gap between multiple generations of the same community and help create a dialogue in which gurus may share their wisdom with students.

In order to succeed at introducing a new generation of people to this type of wisdom, we are conducting this gathering differently than an average conference. First of all, we are deliberately setting the entrance fee at a point that will make it much more accessible to young people. False Profit, the group hosting the event, is predicated on emphasizing human value over financial value, and will turn no profit from the enterprise.

Moreover, this conference will take a different approach to communication than most others. We will go beyond a formal lecture-and-listen model and encourage a more personal learning process. Our loft space is conducive to establishing the intimate milieu we are aiming for. Overall, we aim to create a comfortable set and setting that will allow people to share openly in the event.

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