Psymposia: I was in the MAPS MDMA for PTSD study. It freed me from a childhood of abuse.

Summary: Jessi Appleton describes her experience overcoming PTSD as a participant in MAPS’ MDMA-assisted psychotherapy for PTSD study in Boulder, Colorado.”My MDMA sessions allowed me to process my past traumas and learn to live a life with compassion and self-love This was no easy task, considering all the years of darkness and pain that I had to work through. The medicine and therapy combined gave me the ability to think clearly and to be open and honest with myself while experiencing such compassion and empathy for myself, which are key facets of the MDMA experience. In just three medicine sessions over the course of three months, coupled with integration sessions, my life had changed so drastically.,” explains Appleton. “My hope is that anyone who has been a victim of sexual abuse, victim of war, or any other traumas that have caused their suffering and PTSD, to be able to use this amazing therapy and heal the way many others have.”

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