Toward a Science of Consciousness: Methodological and Conceptual Issues

Toward a Science of Consciousness: Methodological and Conceptual Issues
Copenhagen, Denmark
August 18-20, 2005

The fourth “midway” TSC conference will be held in Copenhagen, Denmark. It will focus on the methodological and conceptual challenges that face an interdisciplinary investigation of consciousness. In recent years, scientists have made increasing use of philosophical notions such as “consciousness” or “subjectivity”. In a parallel move, a number of philosophers have employed experimental results in their own theoretical enterprise. However, the precise relation between the philosophical and the scientific takes on consciousness is far from obvious. The current discussion is characterised by a complicated melange of differing methodological approaches and different philosophical traditions. If headway is to be made, a reciprocal metareflection on the current philosophical and scientific practice is required. This is the kind of headway that TSC 2005 will try to bring about.

Confirmed speakers include: Robert van Gulick, Petra Stoerig, Patrick Haggard, Evan Thompson, Shaun Gallagher, Tony Jack, Michael Antony, Tim Crane, Victor Lamme, Thomas Metzinger, Alva No, and Jean-Luc Petit.

Organising committee: Dan Zahavi, Andreas Roepstorff, Morten Overgaard, Nini Prtorius and Oliver Kauffmann

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