One Toke to God


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Edited by  Mark J. Estrem, Ph.D.

From the Publisher: Cannabis is more than a medical aid for coping with pain, chemotherapy side effects and many other illnesses. It is more than a source of enjoyment and recreational delight. It is a way for humans to connect with their spiritual center – with the God within. One Toke to God – The Entheogenic Spirituality of Cannabis is an anthology featuring 30 essays and analyses by well-informed scholars and researchers into the long history of cannabis and its unique potential to connect one’s self with the God within every human being. The amazing essays document the use of cannabis from pagan nomads, to great civilizations, to the present- day entheogenic use of cannabis. And One Toke to God shows readers how to experience the spiritual connection that has endured since the very beginning of man’s existence on Earth. The renowned contributors not only show how cannabis has been used for thousands of years-they also document how it is being used today to connect with spirituality. One Toke to God details a decentralized, democratic spiritual model, for free-thinking responsible individual spiritual seekers with twelve specific guidelines for personal cannabis use in the privacy of their home (where legal) once a week to connect with the eternal God within.

ISBN-10: 1532332645    –    ISBN-13: 978-1532332647

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