Shivitti: A Vision


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by  Ka-Tzetnik

An autobiographical record of one Holocaust survivor’s triumph over concentration camp syndrome with a regimen of professionally administered LSD.

Imprisoned in Auschwitz for two years, having eluded death by the narrowest of margins, the man known as Ka-tzetnik 135633 survived the Holocaust to discover that survival alone would not end his torment. For over 30 years, through nightly dreams of terrifying intensity, the writer remained captive to the horrors of Auschwitz. Finally in 1976 he sought help from Professor Jan Bastiaans, the Dutch psychiatrist who first recognized Concentration Camp Syndrome and successfully treated camp survivors with a therapy involving doses of LSD.  Shivitti is a memoir of that experience.

ISBN: 0895561131    EAN: 9780895561138

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