Psychedelic Review Archives 1963-1971

Psychedelic Review - Issue 1

Psychedelic Review - Issue 1

Psychedelic Review, Vol. I, No. 1, June 1963    (complete pdf)

Statement of Purpose
“Can This Drug Enlarge Man’s Mind?”, Gerald Heard
The Subjective After-Effects of Psychedelic Experiences: A Summary of Four Recent Questionnaire Studies, Editors
“The Hallucinogenic Fungi of Mexico: An Inquiry into the Origins of the Religious Idea Among Primitive Peoples”, R. Gordon Wasson
“A Touchstone for Courage”, Plato
“Provoked Life: An Essay on the Anthropology of the Ego”, Gottfried Benn
“The Individual as Man/World”, Alan W. Watts
“Annihilating Illumination”, George Andrews
“The Pharmacology of Psychedelic Drugs”, Ralph Metzner
Notes on Contributors


Psychedelic Review - Issue 2

Psychedelic Review, Vol I, No. 2, Fall 1963    (complete pdf)

“Psychosis ‘Experimental’ and Real”, Joe K. Adams
“Botanical Sources of the New World Narcotics”, Richard Evans Schultes
“Hermann Hesse: Poet of the Interior Journey”, Timothy Leary & Ralph Metzner
“Psychometabolism”, Sir Julian Huxley
“The Treatment of Alcoholism with Psychedelic Drugs”, Editors
Some Comments Concerning Dosage Levels of Psychedelic Compounds for Psychotherapeutic Experiences, Gary M. Fisher
Four Psilocybin Experiences, Frederick Swain, et al.
“The God in the Flowerpot”, Mary Barnard
Book Reviews  
Statement of Purpose  


Psychedelic Review - Issue 3

Psychedelic Review, Vol I, No. 3, 1964 — Aldous Huxley Memorial Issue    (complete pdf)

“A Tribute to Aldous Huxley”, Gerald Heard
“A Tribute to Aldous Huxley”, Huston Smith
Some Remembrances of Aldous Huxley”, Alan Watts
“The Last Message of Aldous Huxley”, Timothy Leary
Notes of the Present Status of Ololiuqui and the Other Hallucinogenics of Mexico, R. Gordon Wasson
The Active Principles of the Seeds of Rivea Corymbosa and Ipomoea Violacea, Albert Hofmann
“A Uterine Stimulant Effect of Extracts of Morning Glory Seeds”,
Ara H. Der Marderosian, Anthony M. Guarino, John J. De Feo and Heber W. Youngken, Jr.
“The Religious Experience: Its Production and Interpretation”, Timothy Leary
Poem from the Maximus Poems, Charles Olson
Communications: An Open Letter to Mr. Joe K. Adams , Lynn Sagan
Book Reviews


Psychedelic Review - Issue 4

Psychedelic Review, Vol. I, No. 4, 1964    (complete pdf)

Publisher’s statement
Psychedelics and the Law: A Prelude in Question Marks, Roy C. Bates
The Regulation of Psychedelic Drugs, Robert H. Barrigar
LSD and Psychotherapy: A Bibliography of the English-Language Literature, Sanford. M. Unger
The Treatment of Frigidity with LSD and Ritalin, Thomas M. Ling & John Buckman
Shouted from the Housetops: A Peyote Awakening, Joyce James
Notes on Contributors
Books Received
Book Reviews
Contents of Vol. I, 1963-4



Psychedelic Review - Issue 5

Psychedelic Review, No. 5, 1965    (complete pdf)

Our Second Year
The Relation of Expectation and Mood to Psilocybin Reactions: A Questionnaire Study,
Ralph Metzner, George Litwin & Gunther M. Well
Two Psychedelic Experiences: A Fundamental Experiment, Rene Daumal
A Suggestion About Mysticism, William James
Psychedelic Metaphysics, David Drake
Zen Buddhism: A Psychological Review, Edward W. Maupin
Review Essays
All and Everything by G.I. Gundjieff, Terry Winter Owens & Suzanne D. Smith
Rebirth Without Fear: The Psychedelic Experience by Timothy Leary, Ralph Metzner, & Richard Alpert, Gerald Heard
Books Received
Book Reviews
Notes on Contributors



Psychedelic Review - Issue 6

Psychedelic Review, No. 6, 1965    (complete pdf)

Transcendental Experience in Relation to Religion and Psychosis, R.D. Laing
Hallucinogenic Drugs: A Perspective with Special Reference to Peyote and Cannabis, William H. McGlothlin
Ayahuasca Drinkers among the Chama Indians of Northeast Peru, Heinz Kusel
Daru and Bhang: Cultural factors in the choice of intoxicant, G.M. Carstains
Experiment Five, Henri Michaux
Second Epistle to the Romans, Wilson Van Dusen
Review Essay: Meetings with Remarkable Men, Terry Winter Owens
Four Poems, Ben Goldstein
Book Reviews
Books Received
To the Editors
Notes on Contributors



Psychedelic Review - Issue 7

Psychedelic Review, No. 7, 1965    (complete pdf)

Two New Laws Relating to Psychedelics
Five Psychedelic Prayers Adapted from the Tao Te Ching, Timothy Leary
The Influence of Sound Phenomena on Human Consciousness, Alain Danieleu
A High Yogic Experience Achieved with Mescaline, John Blofeld
Moire Patterns and Visual Hallucinations, Gerald Osler
Mechanisms of Hallucinations, Heinrich Kluver
The Experiential Typewriter, Timothy Leary
What is Schizophrenia?, Abram Hoffer and Humphry Osmond
Book Reviews
Books Received
Notes on Contributors/Reviewers



Psychedelic Review - Issue 8

Psychedelic Review, No. 8, 1966    (complete pdf)

Two Cases of Altered Consciousness with Amnesia Apparently Telepathically Induced, Margaret A. Paul
The Second Fine Art: Neo-Symbolic Communication of Experience, Timothy Leary
Aspects of Biochemical Pharmacology of Psychotropic Drugs, Daniel X. Freedman
Mystical States and the Concept of Regression, Raymond Prince & Charles Savage
Discussion of Paper by Prince and Savage, Walter H. Clare
Programmed Communication During Experience with DMT, Timothy Leary
Psychedelic Research in the Context of Contemporary Psychology, Robert E. Mogar
Some Observations on the Resistance to the Use of LSD in Psychotherapy, Harold R. Stern
Seeds of Glory, Robert Wolff
Synchronicity and the Plot/Plot, Arthur Kleps
Sky Taste Alive Inside, George Andrews
Book Reviews
Notes on Contributors



Psychedelic Review - Issue 9

Psychedelic Review, No. 9, 1967    (complete pdf)

On Programming Psychedelic Experiences, Ralph Metzner & Timothy Leary
The Native American Church Meeting, Stewart Brand
LSD and Chromosomes, Alfred M. Prince
Seven Drawings, Isaac Abrams
Some Consequences of the LSD Revolution, Walter L. Schneider
Homage to the Awe-full Seer, Timothy Leary
Notes on Soma, Sampurnanand
Marihuana and the New American Hedonism, John N. Bleibtreu
Notes on Current Psychedelic Research, Ralph Metzner
Letter to the Editor
Book Reviews
Notes on Contributors



Psychedelic Review - Issue 10

Psychedelic Review, No. 10, 1969    (complete pdf)

The Use of Psychedelic Agents with Autistic Schizophrenic Children, Robert E. Mogar & Robert W. Aldrich
Pseudo-Narcosis, Inca Mandala
Lonelinesss, Gary M. Fisher
LSD and Sexuality, Richard Alpert
Orpheus and Eurydice, John Esam
The Effects of Consciousness-Expanding Drugs on Prisoner Rehabilitation, Timothy Leary
Lines Written on Reading Father Teilhard De Chardin, Paul S. Frey
LSD, Chromosomes and Sensationalism, Joel Fort & Ralph Metzner
Honghi, Meester?, Nat Finkelstein
Gates of Eden, Harold Massoon
Notes on Current Research, Ralph Metzner
Letter to the Editor
Book Reviews and Notes

Psychedelic Review - Issue 9





Psychedelic Review, No. 11, Winter 1970/71    (complete pdf)

The Psychedelic Mystical Experience in the Human Encounter with Death, Walter N. Pahnke
The Radicalization of Timothy Leary
Introduction, Robert Mogar
The Third Bardo, Timothy Leary
The Second Bardo, Joseph Rhine and Gerald Pearlman
The First Bardo, Baba Ram Dass and Gerald Pearlman
The Art of Leo Conklin
The Sociology of the Now, Ira Einhorn
Hallucinations as the World of Spirits, Wilson Van Dusen
Cannabis as a Treatment for Alcoholism, Tod H. Mikuriya
Book Reviews
Books Received
News and Notes
Notes on Contributors